Papo | A Photo Story

About a month ago, my photography professor assigned us a project based on the New York Times' "One in 8 Million" series. He encouraged us to find someone with an interesting story to tell, photograph them, interview them, then put it all together into a short video. 

I knew right away I wanted my grandpa to be the subject of my project. About a week before these photos were taken, we had moved him into a nursing home since his health was rapidly declining. I knew we didn't have much time left with him (though I didn't know then how little time we actually had). After cancelling my spring break trip for a variety of reasons, my dad and I drove to Austin where my grandpa was living.

Though I saw my grandpa two more times after this particular visit, this was my last conversation with him, and he passed away only 21 days later.

Despite the fact that I was crying basically the entire time I was editing these photos and creating this video, I am so incredibly thankful my professor assigned us this project that I will be able to cherish forever. While I miss my Papo so much, I know he is with Jesus now.