AP Clean - Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack

AP Clean - Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack


Transform your iPhone photos with one click in the free Lightroom Mobile app!

Gone are the days of lugging around your DSLR camera anytime you want to snap a photo! Using your phone, you can now photograph your every day life and edit your images so they blend right into your feed!

This preset pack is perfect for anyone looking for a clean & simple edit for their photos! With bright highlights, natural colors, and a bit of contrast, these presets usually require only minor adjustments to exposure & white balance depending on the lighting!

What’s included:

  • Three color presets

  • PDF installation guide & video tutorial

These presets were created exclusively for use in the FREE Lightroom Mobile app (available in the app store). There is no subscription to Adobe or Lightroom required!

Use the hashtag #PresetsByAlison when you use my presets so I can see your beautiful images!

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About Lightroom Mobile Presets

These mobile presets are only compatible with the Lightroom Mobile app for iPhone and Android. They are not compatible with the desktop version of Lightroom. These presets will work on any JPG, DNG, or RAW image that you import into the Lightroom app!

Some images won’t require any additional tweaks after you apply the preset (easy peasy!). Other times, you may have to make a few minor adjustments to the image such as exposure or white balance. It really just depends on the lighting and colors of your original photo!

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and non-refundable. Any unauthorized distribution of the presets is prohibited.

Installing the Presets

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a link to a ZIP file that contains your presets, a PDF installation guide, and a link to a video tutorial! You MUST download this file on a computer, not your phone! The download link will be active for 24-hours after your first download attempt.

Once you’ve unzipped the downloaded file, open the PDF installation guide and follow the directions to install the presets on your Lightroom Mobile app! These instructions were written specifically for iPhone users, so some steps may be different for Android users.

Reach out to me at hello@alisonplueckhahn.com with any questions!